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how to hang sockets on pegboard

How to Hang Sockets on Pegboard?

Right here you’ll find everything you need to organize your sockets. We’re gonna talk about some of the most common methods for organizing sockets, and the tools you’ll need to do it. There are a few different types of organizers you can purchase, but you can also create your own. Here are three examples: Tools … Read More

how to cut 34 rubber mats

How to Cut 3/4 Rubber Mats?

There are a few things you need to keep in mind when you’re planning to cut a 3/4 rubber mat. Make sure you have plenty of blades and an extension cord that will allow you to move around the mat without tripping over it. Since this material is fairly hard to cut, be patient and … Read More

how to weld angle iron corners

How to Weld Angle Iron Corners?

In case you were wondering how to weld angle iron corners, this post is for you. The basic steps are described in this article, and you’ll soon have the skills to make any corner on any angle iron structure stronger. You’ll learn how to use a cutting torch, fillet weld, and welding magnet to make … Read More

how to calibrate hunter alignment machine

How to Calibrate Hunter Alignment Machine?

For those of you who don’t know how to calibrate a hunter alignment machine, this article will give you some basic knowledge of the process. It will cover the Certification of the jig 10, Calibration of the two axles, and the Diagonal spacer 67. The advantages of a hunter alignment machine are explained as well. … Read More

how to hook up furnace to generator

How to Hook Up Furnace to Generator?

If you’ve been wondering how to hook up furnace to generator, you’re not alone. Most homeowners are unsure how to hook up their furnaces. It’s important to know the best way to hook your furnace up to a generator before a power outage strikes. Here are some tips: Install a generator connector on the outside … Read More

how to bend coolant hose

How to Bend Coolant Hose?

One question that comes up in the workshop is how to bend a coolant hose. There are several ways to accomplish this, from using a standard hose to using a non-standard application. Let’s look at some of the most popular methods. If you are having trouble, try Parker’s E-Z Form hose. It can make the … Read More

how to bend a wrench

How To Bend A Wrench To Fit Your Needs?

There are several ways to bend a wrench to fit your needs. The first step is to choose the correct size. Depending on your job, a metric wrench is better than an English one. Then, you can choose between Adjustable wrenches and Box-end wrenches. There are also several options for adjusting the length of the … Read More

How to Install Floor Pans Without Welding

How to Install Floor Pans Without Welding?

You may have heard of TIG welding, but you’ve never tried it before. Not only is it an unnecessary and potentially dangerous process, but TIG welding also burns the sheet metal and can result in a cracked floor pan. Read on to learn how to install floor pans without welding. Here are a few tips … Read More

How to Cut Outlets in Corrugated Metal

How to Cut Outlets in Corrugated Metal?

If you want to install outlets on corrugated metal panels in your home, you can easily do it yourself using the following tools: Angle grinder, Jigsaw, Tile snap cutter, and spacer. To begin, you should turn off all electricity in the area and remove cover plates on light switches and outlets. Remove any loose drywall, … Read More