The Best Sealer for Concrete Planters – Top 10 Recommendation in 2024

Last Updated on June 20, 2023

Do you want to make sure your concrete planters are sealed and protected for years to come? Look no further than polyurethane sealer! 

Polyurethane sealer is the best choice when it comes to sealing concrete planters. It has superior water repellency, excellent durability, and can provide long-lasting protection against wear and tear. 

Plus, compared to other sealers, it’s relatively easy to apply and inexpensive. So why not take advantage of all these benefits by using polyurethane sealer to protect your concrete planters?

Our Top 8 Best Sealer for Concrete Planters Reviews By An Expert

1. Gorilla Waterproof Patch & Seal Spray

Gorilla’s innovative patch and seal spray is the perfect way to protect your property from water damage. With its wide range of uses, you’ll be able to confidently block out moisture, air and UV rays with ease. Here are the features that make Gorilla Patch & Seal stand out:

Seals Out Water, Air, & Moisture: A flexible rubberized coating stops leaks cold and keeps them from happening in the future.

Easy To Use: The applicator nozzle provides a controlled spray pattern for a clean even coat every time. And, the self-leveling formula fills small gaps and cracks easily.

Temperature & UV Resistant: Once dry this product can withstand temperatures ranging from -40°F to 160°F, as well as those pesky UV rays for lasting repairs.

Paintable: Both latex and oil based paint will adhere smoothly to the surface after application – just make sure to use a primer if you’re using oil based paint!

Use On A Variety Of Materials: From roofs and gutters to windows and DIY projects, the waterproof spray can be used on a variety of different materials including PVC pipe joints!

Whether you’re looking for long term waterproof protection or quick repair job, Gorilla’s waterproof spray has got you covered!

Highlighted Features:

  • Repairs leaks and prevents new ones from forming
  • Easy to use, controlled spray pattern, and self leveling formula
  • Resistant to temperature and UV light
  • Can be painted over with both latex and oil based paint
  • Use on a variety of surfaces

2. Dap 18021 Concrete and Mortar Watertight Filler and Sealant

When it comes to concrete and masonry repairs, you want a product that will do the job right. Enter Dap 18021 Concrete and Mortar Watertight Filler and Sealant. This siliconized latex sealant is designed to fill and seal cracks in walls, steps, driveways, sidewalks, and more. Here’s what makes it so great:

10.3 oz. Cartridge: The 10.3 ounce cartridge comes with a standard caulk gun for easy application.

Siliconized Latex: This combination creates better adhesion for a stronger bond on both porous and non-porous surfaces.

Seals Cracks Easily: Fill cracks in any concrete or masonry surface quickly and effectively with minimal effort.

Used On Multiple Surfaces: Works on stairs, driveways, sidewalks and more – all while providing an air-, water-, vapor-, dustproof seal.

Sold as 3 Pack: Save money by ordering three cartridges of this product at once!

No matter what repair job you have to tackle, Dap 18021 Concrete & Mortar Watertight Filler & Sealant is just what you need for lasting protection against weathering damage!

Highlighted Features:

  • Keeps water out, prevents further damage
  • Easy to use – just squeeze and insert into crack
  • Bonds tight to keep out moisture and pests
  • Great for steps, driveways, sidewalks, mortar joints

3. Gorilla Waterproof Patch & Seal Liquid, Clear

Looking for a reliable waterproofing solution for your projects? Gorilla’s Waterproof Patch & Seal Liquid is the perfect product to get the job done right. With crystal clear results, temperature and UV resistance and multiple easy application methods, you can’t go wrong. Here are the features that make it an indispensable tool:

Seals Out Water, Air & Moisture: A flexible rubberized coating seals out moisture, air and water to prevent leaks from happening in the first place.

Dries Crystal Clear: Unlike other sealers, this one dries transparently for cleaner finished projects.

Easy To Apply: Whether you prefer to use a brush or roll it on, dip it or pour it – whatever works best for your project – you’ll be able to quickly apply the liquid with minimal effort.

Temperature & UV Resistant: When dried, this product will resist both temperature changes and damaging UV rays resulting in lasting repairs.

Use On Multiple Surfaces: From roofs and gutters to windows and DIY projects – even PVC bonded joints – this waterproof patch & seal liquid can be used on a variety of materials with reliable results.

Whether you’re looking for long term protection or quick repair job, Gorilla’s waterproof patch & seal liquid has got you covered!

Highlighted Features:

  • Prevents water, air, and moisture infiltration
  • Crystal clear finish
  • Easy to apply – brush, roll, trowel, dip or pour
  • Temperature and UV resistant
  • Use on roofs, gutters, skylights, flashing, windows, RVs and more!

4. Black Diamond Stoneworks Wet Look Natural Stone Sealer 

Are you looking to protect outdoor surfaces from rain, sun and other weathering damage? Or do you just want to give them an extra shine? Either way, Black Diamond Stoneworks’ Wet Look Natural Stone Sealer is here to help. 

With easy application, zero darkening and water based sealers this product is perfect for any of your projects. Here’s what makes it great:

Beautiful Gloss Sealer: Works on exposed aggregate, stamped, colored or decorative surfaces creating a beautiful glossy finish.

Spray, Brush or Roll On: This product can be used on concrete, pavers, slate and more – even masonry and brick wall surfaces!

Will Not Darken Most Surfaces: When it dries, this sealer will not make your project look like you sprayed water on it – no excess moisture build up or discoloration.

VOC Compliant: The water based sealant is also non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Easy To Maintain & Made in USA : With 100% Money Back Guarantee – you’re guaranteed quality results while supporting American made products!

With Black Diamond Stoneworks Wet Look Natural Stone Sealer you never have to worry about outdoor surfaces losing their luster again!

Highlighted Features:

  • Resists chemicals
  • Beautiful gloss sealer
  • Easy to maintain
  • 100% money back guarantee

5. Rain Guard Water Sealers – Concrete Sealer

Keep your concrete projects looking their best and lasting the longest with Rain Guard Water Sealers. From premium cement sealer to easy and cost-effective use, their products are designed to protect and restore any outdoor surface. Here’s what makes them great:

Premium Concrete Sealer: Successfully protect, restore, and extend the life of your home’s exterior with this specialty product.

Long-Lasting Protection: Powered by a proprietary ingredient – Micro-Lok – this sealant will create a hydrophobic barrier that resists weathering, dirt, salt and other damage.

Concentrated Formulation: Get the most bang for your buck with this concentrated solution that is easy to mix and apply.

Easy Application: Seamlessly seal cement surfaces with minimal effort – all you need to do is make sure to protect anything you don’t want sealed!

Rain Guard: With almost 50 years of experience, Rain Guard stands apart as a leader in innovative yet sustainable coatings for building exteriors.

Dedicated to quality results that last – Rain Guard Water Sealers products are here to keep your concrete looking its best!

Highlighted Features:

  • Prevents weathering, dirt, and freezing temperatures
  • Proprietary Micro-Lok ingredient creates long-lasting seal
  • Concentrated formulation saves money and is easy to mix
  • Easy application – just apply with a brush or roller!

6. Seal-Once Nano+Poly Penetrating Wood Sealer with Polyurethane

If you’re looking for a way to protect your outdoor lumber or concrete from the elements, look no further than Seal-Once Nano + Poly Penetrating Wood Sealer with Polyurethane. This sealant is perfect for high-traffic areas and will ensure your surface stands up against wear and tear for years to come. Here’s what makes it great:

Water-Based Polyurethane Wood Finish: This top of the line sealant provides superior protection against the test of time.

Wood Sealant: Unlike many traditional sealers that form a topcoat, this waterproof solution penetrates below the surface to create a long lasting shield.

Floor Sealer Applicator: Don’t forget about exterior floors! Their premium gloss is low VOC and extends the life of wood surfaces easily.

Waterproof Sealer: Get rid of oil based solutions and opt for this ultra durable yet flexible coating option that allows wood to gray naturally while still protecting it from water damage.

Seal Once: This user friendly stain and sealant offers an effective way to protect your projects from harsh conditions without any fuss.

Help your projects stand the test of time with Seal-Once Nano + Poly Penetrating Wood Sealer with Polyurethane!

Highlighted Features:

  • Protects wood against wear and tear
  • Penetrates below the surface to form a water-resistant shield
  • Resist wood damage, deterioration, and protects against the elements
  • Ultra-low VOC and great for enhancing the extended life of your exterior flooring
  • Ditch the oil-based sealers and choose a UV-stable coating option
  • Fast-drying liquid creates a flexible, breathable barrier

7. Miracle Sealants HGFS6QT High Gloss Finish Sealer Color & Gloss Enhancers

Bring out the natural beauty of your interior floors and keep them protected with Miracle Sealants HGFS6QT High Gloss Finish Sealer Color & Gloss Enhancers. This fantastic sealer will provide superior scuff and wear resistance, while giving your space a beautiful, low maintenance shine without yellowing. Here’s why you should choose Miracle Sealants:

Designed to Enhance the Natural Color: This sealant is specifically designed to enhance the natural color of interior floor surfaces, bringing them back to their original state.

Low VOC Formula: Low VOCs make this sealant water based and odorless, making it safe for use inside.

Covers Large Areas Fast: This gallon covers up to 200 sq ft. per quart and dries in 1-5 hours.

UV Transparent Protective Coating: The UV transparent protective coating resists stains and makes your floor look amazing!

High Gloss Shine: Kick up your space’s shine with this high gloss that won’t fade or yellow over time.

Miracle Sealants HGFS6QT High Gloss Finish Sealer Color & Gloss Enhancers is perfect for any home looking to restore their floors’ natural color while also protecting against everyday wear and tear!

Highlighted Features:

  • Restore the natural color of interior floor surfaces
  • Resist scuffing and wear
  • Easy to use and dries quickly
  • UV transparent protective coating resists stains
  • Leaves a beautiful, low maintenance shine

8. Siloxa-Tek 8500 Ready to Use – 1 Gallon Penetrating Concrete Sealer

Ensure your concrete and masonry substrates are safe from deicing salts, chlorides, and other damaging effects with Siloxa-Tek 8500 Ready to Use – 1 Gallon Penetrating Concrete Sealer. This industrial grade water-based solution provides superior protection and long lasting results. Here’s some of the features that make it great:

Resists Deicing Salt/Chloride Damage: This sealant is designed to resist the damage caused by deicing salt and chlorides.

Reduces Water Ingress & Moisture Intrusion: It reduces water ingress, moisture intrusion and ASR (alkali silica reaction), helping preserve the longevity of your surfaces.

Excellent Water Beading Effect: The sealer offers an excellent water beading effect and penetration, creating a barrier against future damage.

Easy Application: You can apply this sealer easily with a sprayer, roller or brush, and it leaves no change in appearance as it dries clear.

Low VOCs: This low VOC sealant is perfect for indoor and outdoor areas such as driveways, garages, basements patios or pool decks and covers up to 250 sq ft per gallon per coat.

Protect your surfaces from wear and tear with Siloxa-Tek 8500 Ready to Use – 1 Gallon Penetrating Concrete Sealer!

Highlighted Features:

  • Protects concrete from deicing salts and chlorides
  • Reduces water ingress, moisture intrusion, and ASR
  • Excellent penetration and water beading effect
  • Easy application with sprayer, roller, or brush

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Sealer for Concrete Planters

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Sealer for Concrete Planters

Are you looking for a sealer that will keep your concrete planters in top condition? Look no further! There are a few key aspects to consider when selecting the best sealer, such as cost, type, application methods, durability and protection. Here’s what you need to know before making your decision:

When selecting the best sealer for concrete planters, there are several factors to consider. These include the material of the planter, the type of finish required, how much water the sealer will repel, how easy it is to apply and whether or not it needs to be reapplied often. Each factor is important in order to ensure that the planter is well protected against moisture, staining and other elements that could damage its appearance over time.

Material of Planter:

When selecting a sealer for a concrete planter, an important factor to consider is what material it is made from. Different sealers may work better with certain types of materials than others, so it’s important to understand exactly what your planter is made from before selecting a sealer. 

For example, products designed for porous materials such as concrete may not be suitable for wood or metal planters. Additionally, some sealers may react with certain materials in a negative way, so it’s always best to read product labels and do research beforehand if you’re unsure.

Type of Finish:

The type of finish you want your concrete planter to have can also play an important role when choosing the best sealer for it. For example, some sealers are designed specifically for glossy finishes whereas others are better suited for matte finishes; so if you prefer one over the other then this should be taken into account when making your selection. 

Additionally, different finishes may require different levels of maintenance; some will need to be re-sealed more frequently than others in order to maintain their look and protect against wear and tear over time.

How Much Water Will Repel:

Another key factor when choosing a sealer for concrete planters is how much water it will repel. Some products are designed specifically for high-moisture environments while others are better suited for areas where there isn’t much humidity.

So understanding the environment where your planter will live can help narrow down what type of product would work best in that particular setting. 

Also keep in mind that some products may offer more protection than others when it comes to repelling water; so if you need extra protection then this should certainly be taken into consideration when selecting a sealer as well.

Ease of Application:

The ease of application should also be taken into account when choosing a sealer for concrete planters. Depending on their design, some products may be easier or harder to apply than others; this includes both DIY-friendly options as well as those that require professional installation services. 

Additionally, any prep work required prior to sealing should also be considered; this could mean power washing or sanding down any rough spots prior to applying the product in order to get optimal results from your chosen sealer once applied correctly.

Reapplication Necessity:

Finally, another factor worth considering when selecting a sealer for concrete planters is how often it needs to be reapplied in order to keep them properly sealed and protected against moisture and other environmental factors which could damage their appearance over time. 

Depending on what type of product you choose as well as where you intend on using them (outdoor vs indoor) will determine how often they’ll need re-sealing; some products come with longer warranties than others which can help increase their longevity without having to spend extra money on reapplication services every few months or years down the line!

Different Types of Sealers Available for Concrete Planters

Different Types of Sealers Available for Concrete Planters

When it comes to protecting concrete planters, there are many different types of sealers that can be used. Each type of sealer has its own benefits and drawbacks, so it is important to consider factors such as the desired finish, the level of protection needed, and even the cost before making a decision. 

Here we will explore the various factors to consider when selecting a sealer for concrete planters, including an in-depth discussion about acrylic sealers, polyurethane sealers, epoxy sealers, and penetrating sealers.

Acrylic Sealers

Acrylic sealers are one of the most popular options for sealing concrete planters because they provide good protection against water damage and staining while still offering a natural finish. They are also relatively inexpensive compared to other types of sealers. 

When selecting an acrylic sealer for use on concrete planters, it is important to consider how often it will need to be reapplied. Most acrylics last between two and five years before needing reapplication but some may only last a single season or less if exposed to extreme weather conditions or harsh chemicals. 

Additionally, acrylics usually need to be applied in multiple coats in order to achieve good waterproofing protection this can add significant labor costs and time.

Polyurethane Sealers

Polyurethane sealers provide superior protection against water damage and staining compared to acrylics but come at a higher cost due to their more complex chemical makeup. 

These products are highly durable and typically last significantly longer than acrylics sometimes up to ten years before needing reapplication though they may require more extensive preparation work prior to application as well as multiple coats for best results. 

Additionally, polyurethane sealers offer a glossy finish that can make the concrete look brighter and show off its natural colors better than other types of sealants do. 

However, this glossiness can also make the surface slippery; so polyurethanes should not be used on surfaces where people are likely to walk or put hands on regularly without adding additional traction aids such as sand or grit particles into the mix beforehand.

Epoxy Sealers

Epoxy coatings provide excellent protection from both water damage and wear-and-tear due to their hard but flexible nature; however they come at a higher cost than either polyurethane or acrylics due to their complex chemical makeup and additional layers required for proper application (typically three).

Additionally, epoxies offer far less breathability than some other types of coatings so if you’re looking for a product that won’t trap moisture inside your planter then this might not be the best option for you however they do provide excellent waterproofing capabilities once applied correctly (which usually requires professional installation). 

Epoxies also tend to give off strong odors during application which can linger long after drying is complete; so if you’re looking for something with low odor then be sure that any epoxy you select is specifically designed with low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) in mind.

Penetrating Sealers

Penetrating sealants are another popular option when it comes to protecting concrete planters because they penetrate deep into porous materials like brick or cement block without affecting the appearance of the material itself.

However unlike coating products these sealants don’t actually form a protective barrier overtop surface imperfections which makes them less effective against water intrusion (though they do still slow down erosion).

Like other types of coatings any penetrating product should always be tested on an inconspicuous area first before being applied over large areas just in case there are any adverse reactions between it and the substrate material itself; additionally some penetrating products have been known to darken certain surfaces so again testing beforehand is recommended if color accuracy is important for your project.

So, when selecting a specific type of sealer there are several things you should consider including: the climate you live in; whether you want extra protection against UV rays; how often you intend on sealing your concrete planter

Whether you prefer an environmentally friendly option; how often you want to perform maintenance; toxicity level issues, etc.Depending on your needs and preferences there are plenty of options out there so make sure you evaluate all factors carefully before purchasing any particular product choice!

What do you seal concrete planters with?

What do you seal concrete planters with

Sealing concrete planters is an important step in ensuring that the material will last and remain intact over time. Professionals typically use a sealer containing silane, siloxane, or a combination of the two to protect concrete from water damage and other types of wear-and-tear. 

This type of sealer helps prevent water from entering the concrete, which prevents cracking and degradation due to freeze/thaw cycles. It also prevents staining or discoloration caused by dirt, oil, and other contaminants. When choosing a sealer for your concrete planter, make sure that it is specifically formulated for use on concrete surfaces.

What do professionals use to seal concrete?

Professionals typically use a sealer containing silane, siloxane, or a combination of the two when sealing concrete. Silane and siloxane are both clear liquid compounds made up of silicone and oxygen molecules that form chemical bonds with cementitious substrates such as concrete. 

This bond creates an invisible barrier against moisture penetration and other forms of deterioration such as freeze/thaw cycles and staining from dirt or oils. This type of sealant can also come pre-mixed in various colors if desired for aesthetic purposes. 

Depending on how much protection the surface needs, multiple layers may need to be applied or certain additives mixed into the product before application.

Do I need to waterproof the concrete planter?

Depending on where you plan to place your concrete planter and its anticipated exposure to weather conditions, waterproofing may be necessary in order to ensure its longevity. 

Waterproofing helps protect against water infiltration which could otherwise cause structural issues including cracking and spalling over time due to freeze/thaw cycles as well as potential staining due to dirt or oil contamination. 

In addition, waterproofing provides an added layer of protection against salt damage which can also occur if exposed to coastal environments or deicing salts used during winter months. 

Typically this is done by applying an acrylic based membrane directly onto the surface followed by a thin coat of waterproofing paint for extra protection if desired.


In conclusion, polyurethane sealer is the best option for sealing your concrete planters. Not only does it offer superior protection from water damage and wear and tear, but it’s also easy to apply and doesn’t cost a fortune. 

With proper application, this sealer will ensure your concrete planters stay beautiful for many years, so why not give it a try? You won’t regret choosing polyurethane sealer as the perfect way to protect your precious planters!

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