The Best Sealer for Outdoor Concrete Table: Find Great One Now!

Last Updated on June 20, 2023

Hunting for the perfect sealant to keep your outdoor concrete table looking top notch? Sealing it up is a surefire way to make it last even longer and preserve its beautiful appearance.

It also helps protect against weather damage, UV rays, and staining. But with so many types of sealers available on the market, how do you know which one is right for your needs? 

Let’s unlock the hidden potential of this often overlooked surface with some help from sealers! We’ll look into the amazing benefits sealing provides, discover what makes for an ideal sealer, explore different kinds available, and help you pick out just the right one that fits all your needs.

Review of the Best Sealer for Outdoor Concrete Table

1) 5 Gal. DOMINATOR SG+ Clear Acrylic Sealer

DOMINATOR SG+ Clear Acrylic Sealer is an efficient and cost-effective way to protect and enhance the life and beauty of your surfaces. 

Ideal for concrete pavers, decorative concrete, and other areas where protection from oil stains, water damage, or wear is needed. 

This 5 gal sealer can cover 250-400 sq feet per coat with minimal effort as it provides a fast dry time of 45 minutes. The water based formula has no harsh odors and low VOCs making it safe for people, pets, and the environment. 

In order to stay effective this sealer should not be applied when surface temperatures are expected to be below 50°F in the 48 hours before or after application. 

DOMINATOR SG+ will provide you with a long-lasting wet look finish that can last 2-4 years depending on your environment before needing to be resealed. Making it great value for money as it reduces maintenance costs while protecting your surfaces!

Highlighted Features:

  • Protects concrete against staining and damage
  • Enhances the appearance of concrete with a clear finish
  • Fast-drying formula with no harsh odors
  • Low VOCs for safe application
  • Covers 250-400 sq feet per coat

2) Serveon Sealants H2Seal H2100 All Purpose Penetrating Stone Sealer

Everyone loves a durable and beautiful outdoor space. Serveon Sealants H2Seal H2100 All Purpose Penetrating Stone Sealer can help make that happen, thanks to its highly effective natural stone sealer. 

It provides an impenetrable barrier from moisture and salt water while discouraging many stains and preventing efflorescence. 

Plus, it’s easy to apply and forgiving of application mistakes, so it’s perfect for the DIY person! And with advanced tetrahedral silicate monomer technology providing superior water repellent protection compared to other sealers like silane and siloxane emulsions, you’ll get maximum square footage coverage at non-premium prices. 

So if you’re looking for a great way to protect and prolong the life of your patio, pool decks or pathways, Serveon Sealants is the way to go.

Highlighted Features:

  • Protects a wide variety of materials
  • Cures quickly, allowing use shortly afterwards
  • Penetrates and strengthens the surface matrix
  • Provides long-lasting protection

3) Eco-Tuff Clearcoat Bio-Polyurethane Concrete Sealer

Give your surfaces a makeover with Eco-Tuff Clearcoat Bio-Polyurethane Concrete, Wood, Floor Sealer, Countertop Sealer, Satin! 

This long-lasting sealer is formulated with bio-polyurethane for superior surface protection from water, chemicals, and UV rays. It’s easy to apply and clean up with just soap and water. 

Plus it’s non-toxic and plant-based – an epoxy alternative without the risk of off gassing. Perfect for concrete countertops, cabinets, garage floors, doors, wood floors and more! Get the beautiful finish you deserve – choose Eco-Tuff today!

Highlighted Features:

  • Long lasting and durable protection against weathering, UV rays, and abrasion
  • Interior and exterior grade for versatile use
  • Easy to apply and clean – no toxic fumes or residue
  • Plant-based and non-toxic for a safe finish

4) Tenax Granite Sealer, Marble Sealer, & Stone or Concrete Sealer – 1/4 Liter

Protect your stone surfaces with Tenax Hydrex Impregnator & Sealer! This mineral-based impregnating sealer is designed to prevent the entry of liquids while still allowing the material to breathe. 

Your stone will not be discolored, stained or have its shine affected by this sealant; it dries completely invisible so you can enjoy all the benefits without sacrificing aesthetics. 

In addition, within 24 hours after application, your surface will become water repellent. The sealer can be applied on any type of natural stone—granite, marble, concrete and more! And because it’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, you can protect any stone surface with ease. 

Tenax Hydrex Impregnator & Sealer is a hazardous material and must be shipped via UPS Ground Delivery in the continental U.S.A or UPS Standard Delivery in Canada only. It is not available for delivery to Alaska or Hawaii. 

Get protection from stains in minutes—Tenax Hydrex Impregnator & Sealer is just what you need!

Highlighted Features:

  • Protects surfaces from staining and etching
  • Dries completely invisible – will not change the color of the stone
  • Reduces maintenance and upkeep
  • Can be used on a variety of surfaces – granite, marble, travertine, limestone, concrete, etc.


Looking for a concrete sealer? Look no further than H-Seal! This food safe, water-based sealer is perfect for countertops, sinks and food preparation surfaces. 

Keep your surfaces looking great and worry-free with H-Seal’s matte finish and protection for up to 10 years. Plus, it’s heat resistant up to 392°F so it can handle all of your hot pans and even fire pits and BBQ’s! 

And best of all, it takes minimal effort to apply and offers coverage between 5-12m2 depending on surface roughness. Make the smart choice with H-Seal today!

Highlighted Features:

  • Prevents water from seeping into concrete surfaces for up to 10 years
  • Protects against heat up to 392°F
  • Non-toxic and safe for food preparation areas
  • Delicate matte finish gives a unique look
  • Coverage between 5-12m2 depending on surface roughness
  • Gives a smooth, consistent matte finish

Buying Guide:

Sealer for Outdoor Concrete Table

When choosing the best sealer for an outdoor concrete table, it is important to consider a variety of factors, such as the type of sealer, the frequency of use, and the environment in which the concrete table will be used. 

Types of Sealers

There are several different types of sealers available on the market today, but some are better suited for outdoor use than others. Water-based acrylic sealers are typically used indoors because they provide a glossy finish.

However, they must be reapplied every 3-4 years as exposure to UV rays can cause them to degrade quickly.

Solvent-based polyurethane sealers are the preferred choice for outdoor applications because they provide more durability and protection against UV radiation. They also have excellent water resistance and can last up to 8 years before needing reapplication. 

Application Process

Application Process

Applying sealer is relatively simple but should always be done with proper safety precautions in mind as some products contain toxic chemicals that can irritate skin and eyes upon contact.

The process involves cleaning the surface of dust or dirt with a damp cloth and then applying an even coat of sealer using a roller or brush along the edges first before filling in the center area.

Allow sufficient drying time between coats (as specified on product label). For best results, two coats should be applied at least 24 hours apart with light sanding between each coat if required by product instructions. 

Environmental Considerations

When choosing a suitable sealant for outdoor concrete tables, it is important to consider the environment in which it will be used. In colder climates, acrylic and epoxy sealants may not provide sufficient protection from freezing temperatures and water seepage.

Polyurethane or silicate based products should be used instead since they have superior resistance to cold temperatures. For warmer climates where temperatures fluctuate greatly between summertime highs and wintertime lows, epoxy or polyurethane based products should be chosen as they have greater flexibility when exposed to changing conditions. 

Frequency of Use

The frequency with which an outdoor concrete table is used can also affect which type of sealer should be chosen for its protection needs. An acrylic or epoxy based product may suffice if it is only used occasionally during seasonal periods such as summer months or specific events such as parties or barbecues.

However if an outdoor concrete table is frequently used throughout all seasons then a more durable option such as polyurethane might be more suitable due to its superior resistance capabilities against extreme weather conditions including UV rays and wear caused by heavy usage over time. 

Overall when selecting a suitable sealant for outdoor concrete tables there are several factors that should be taken into consideration including type of material chosen (acrylic/epoxy/polyurethane), environmental conditions in which it will be exposed (cold/warm climates), as well as frequency of usage (occasional/frequent).

Does a concrete table need to be sealed?

Yes, a concrete table needs to be sealed in order to protect it from the elements. To properly seal a concrete table, you should begin by cleaning it thoroughly with a degreaser or commercial cleaning product, then use a stiff brush to scrub off any dirt and debris. 

Once clean, you can use a concrete sealer specifically designed for outdoor surfaces. This type of sealer is typically made up of a water-resistant acrylic solution that will create an impenetrable barrier on your concrete that will prevent moisture from seeping into the porous material and causing staining and wear. 

The sealer will help protect against UV rays, making it well suited for outdoor tables exposed to direct sunlight. 

How do I stop my concrete table from staining?

How do I stop my concrete table from staining

To stop your concrete table from staining, you should first apply some kind of stain-resistant coating or wax before sealing the surface with a concrete sealer

Some stain-resistant coatings are designed specifically for outdoor tables and can help provide an extra layer of protection against oil, grease and other liquids that could cause permanent staining if they make contact with the concrete. 

Additionally, you should also regularly clean your table using soap and water to remove dirt and debris that could contain oils or acids that might otherwise cause discoloration or etching in the surface over time. 

Can you permanently seal concrete?

Yes, you can permanently seal concrete surfaces both indoors and outdoors. The most common type of permanent sealers used on outdoor concrete are silicate based products which are applied thin enough to penetrate deep into the pores of the material providing long-term protection as well as making it easier to clean off stains without damaging the surface. 

Silicates also have excellent anti-slip properties which make them particularly useful for applications such as patios or walkways where extra traction is necessary when wet. 

Another common option is epoxy based coatings which offer superior durability but may require multiple coats as well as significant preparation prior to application in order to ensure even coverage throughout the entire surface area being treated.


When selecting a sealer for an outdoor concrete table there are many factors that need to be considered such as weather resistance, UV protection durability, stain resistance and ease of application/cleanup. 

The right choice should depend on its exact location in regards to exposure as well as desired look and feel along with budgetary constraints. 

Generally speaking silicone-based products are usually seen as preferable due their combination of quality performance at an affordable price point; although other products such as acrylates or epoxies may also serve well depending on individual needs. 

Applying quality product correctly is essential in order to keep it looking great while providing maximum protection over time so always take time to research proper maintenance techniques before starting any project!

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