The Difference Between ALEX and ALEX PLUS Caulk

Last Updated on January 11, 2023

Many professional painters use caulk as part of their painting jobs and look for versatile, easy-to-use products that will last for years. That’s why DAP has updated the formulas of its ALEX caulks for fast-drying properties, better adhesion to more surfaces, and enhanced durability.

According to Jennifer Johnson, group product director at DAP, both products offer similar benefits, but the main differences are in the speed of drying.

ALEX FAST DRY acrylic latex caulk

ALEX FAST DRY acrylic lateX caulk is superior in quality, multi-purpose, flexible, durable, and adhesion. Its cured product has mildew resistance. A wide variety of applications make it a great choice for a variety of projects.

The acrylic-based compound also contains silicone for excellent adhesion and flexibility. It also cures fast, so it can be used for a variety of purposes, including kitchens, bathrooms, and even on masonry.

ALEX FAST DRY is designed for general-purpose applications with low to moderate joint movement. Although it is fast-drying and is relatively durable, it seems to have an insufficient amount of sealant in the joint.

It is best to apply more than 1/8″ of the product to a joint, as this will ensure that the sealant flexes and stretches when necessary.

ALEX FAST DRY acrylic lateX caulk provides a 100% waterproof seal with excellent adhesion. Whether it is used for a roof, siding, or window trim, it provides a flexible, durable, mold and mildew resistant finish.

Its quick-dry time makes it an ideal choice for professional painters. It is easy to use, requires no priming, and is ready to use after 40 minutes.

ALEX FAST DRY provides faster dry times

DAP Products Inc., a leader in construction and home improvement products, recently announced the availability of improved formulations of its ALEX FAST DRY and ALEX PLUS latex caulk.

These new products have faster dry times and better adhesion to various surfaces, making them more versatile for professional painters.

According to Jennifer Johnson, group product director at DAP, the new formulations of these products will help professional painters meet the growing demand for faster, more durable, and easier-to-use caulk.

ALEX FAST DRY is a flexible, 10.1-ounce caulk that dries in 20 minutes. Its formula is latex-based and easy to clean. It meets the performance and durability requirements of ASTM Specification C 834.

It is safe for use on exterior surfaces and does not produce a chemical odour. It is also water-soluble, allowing for easy cleaning.

Using caulk is a great way to reduce drafts in windows and doors, keep bugs out, and seal building materials. However, if you don’t let it dry properly, the product may not adhere properly.

ALEX FAST DRY caulk provides faster dry times and will prevent problems later. A quick-drying caulk will make your job easier and will ensure your finished product is in the right place without a long wait.

Typically, silicone caulk requires a few hours before fully setting up. Most caulk needs about three to 12 hours to fully set up and provide waterproof protection. Make sure to check the caulk packaging for drying times.

These will vary depending on its formula. But fans will help speed up the drying time. However, it is important to keep in mind that different caulk formulas react differently to moisture. If you can’t wait, you can use humidifiers to ensure proper humidity conditions.

ALEX PLUS provides greater durability

ALEX PLUS provides greater durability

When repairing cracks and sealing gaps around windows, doors, and baseboards, ALEX PLUS caulk is the perfect choice. Developed with silicone additives for improved adhesion and flexibility, this latex caulk provides a 100% waterproof seal.

It has low odor, low shrinkage, and a 30-minute paint-ready setting time. Additionally, it’s easy to clean up.

DAP Products Inc., a construction and home improvement products company, today announced new and enhanced formulations for its acrylic latex caulk.

The latest formulations of ALEX PLUS and ALEX FAST DRY(r) are perfect for professional painters. Professional painters love ALEX PLUS for its superior durability and ease of application. Its streamlined application process makes it even easier to apply than ever.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the difference between alex and alex plus caulk?

The difference between alex and alex plus caulk is that alex plus caulk is made with silicone, which makes it more durable and better at filling cracks and gaps.

2. Which one is better for caulking?

Alex is cheaper and easier to find, while alex plus caulk is more durable. Ultimately, it depends on the specific application and what needs to be caulked.

3. What are the benefits of using alex plus caulk?

Alex Plus caulk is a great product because it is easy to use, it is water resistant, and it dries quickly.


The main difference between alex and alex plus caulk is that alex plus caulk is made with silicone, which makes it more durable and better at filling cracks and gaps.

If you need to caulking something important, then alex plus caulk is the better option. However, if you are on a budget or the job is not as critical, then alex caulk will suffice.

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