Delta Vs Ridgid Table Saw: Which Is The Right One For You?

Last Updated on July 21, 2022

When deciding between a Delta or Ridgid table saw, there are a few things you should consider. Both have their pros and cons and the decision really depends on what you’re looking for.

Read on to learn more about these two top-selling table saws and how they differ from each other. If you’re looking for a powerful table saw for general household use, a Ridgid might be a better choice.

Biesemeyer style fence

There are some major differences between a Delta and a Ridgid table saw in terms of the fence system. For one thing, the Delta fence system requires more assemble steps and is not as sturdy as its rivals.

The Delta fence system is also designed for older table saw models and is suited for refurbishing power tools. But you must be aware of the differences between these two types of fence systems.

While Ridgid and Delta both offer a Biesemeyer style fence, the Ridgid’s is more expensive. The delta contractor saw is cheaper and comes with an extended warranty. In addition, the Ridgid table saw is easier to use. The Delta contractor saw is a great option for a DIYer because it’s easy to install and comes with a few accessories.

The Ridgid 36-6023 has a 52-inch rip capacity, a 15-amp motor, and a telescopic fence rail system. It is insured and highly portable. Aside from its impressive features, the Delta table saw is also extremely portable and comes with a 5-year professional warranty. And both of them have a Biesemeyer style fence.

In terms of ripping capacity, the Shop Fox W1716 Aluma-Classic table saw comes with a 30-inch rip capacity. This is plenty for small to medium-sized cuts. However, if you plan on doing any heavy-duty woodworking, you will need a Biesemeyer style fence. But if you’re just starting out, a standard rail fence is a better option.

Power adjustment

One of the major differences between a Delta and Ridgid table saw is the power adjustment. When choosing the best table saw.

it is important to keep in mind that the Delta is slightly more powerful than the Ridgid, but you should still consider the extras you might want on a ridgid table saw. Here are three features to look for when buying a table saw.

Both of these models have an adjustable miter gauge that you can buy separately, though most come with a built-in miter gauge. The Ridgid has a cast-iron table, which disperses vibrations better, meaning that it will last a lot longer. The Ridgid also has oversized handles for more comfort and better grip when working.

The Delta saw’s fence is a biesemeyer-style fence, which many users prefer over Ridgid’s two-piece rails. However, some users say that the Delta saw’s fence is hard to set up, which means that you’ll need to take your time and ensure that you set it up properly.

Ultimately, choosing the best table saw for your needs is a personal decision, so take your time and consider what you’ll actually be using it for.

While the accuracy of a portable table saw may vary, both models will provide high-quality cutting results. The highest level of accuracy occurs along the fence, so you should look for a model with a fence that doesn’t lock out of square.

Generally, models with dual-sided clamps will be in the fence category. Single-side clamp fences will self-square when locked down, but make sure it’s beefy enough to prevent pushing.

While Ridgid and DeWalt table saws are similar in price and power, the former may be a better choice if you want high precision.

Ridgid table saws have oversized handles on their adjustment wheels, which make it easier to adjust their settings. Both brands, however, have their own benefits and drawbacks. Read the reviews on both models before choosing a table saw for your needs.

Dado blade brake

Dado blade brake

A table saw’s capacity to handle dado blades varies from model to model. In addition to the standard blade brake, some models have optional dado blade brakes.

This accessory is not included and is hard to install. When purchasing one of these tools, check local codes to make sure you can safely use it. The table saw’s power cord is four feet long. The table saw does not come with a dado throat place. The Dado blade brake is a separate accessory that requires a special sled.

Another difference between the two table saws is the size of their tables. The Delta 36-5100T2 has a depth of twenty-four inches, while the Ridgid R4520 has a width of 40″.

If you’re looking for a table saw that can accommodate a larger diameter, you may want to choose a larger model. A smaller table saw with a smaller footprint, however, may be more affordable.

Despite being less expensive, the Ridgid 4520 has many improvements. Its cast-iron table is milled and polished, and has steel extensions.

The saw also features an integrated dust collector, push-pedal caster set, and built-in T-channels for storing bits and materials. But one of the most important differences between the two is the rip fence.

While the Ridgid R4518 table saw supports six-inch dado stacks, it doesn’t support adjustable dado. That’s a minor flaw, but if you want to be able to cut large pieces, you’ll need a saw with an eight-inch dado stack. In the long run, you’ll be happy with either table saw.

The Ridgid table saw has a more versatile miter gauge. Its miter gauge is more intuitive and has a large clear bezel, but its view window is narrow and the cursor is thick. In addition, the rip fence is adjustable, allowing you to cut any wood that you like. This feature can also be upgraded with an aftermarket miter gauge.

Open-ended throat plate

The difference between an open-ended throat plate on a Delta or Ridgid table saw may be apparent in the way the plate fits into the throat. The latter is made with zero clearance, which means the plate does not have any slots cut into it.

This type of table saw is easy to insert and remove from the table, and comes with no fuss. The two styles of throat plates are the same overall, but there are a few key differences.

The most significant difference between the two saws is the size of the throat plate. Some table saws have a more open-ended throat plate than others, which can take up to 1.5 square inches of the open space.

Others have zero clearance throat plates with a rear hole. If you’re not sure which one will fit your needs, consider purchasing an open-ended throat plate with a 0.5-inch hole.

One thing to consider is the cost. The same throat plate might cost you the same amount as the Ridgid, but a Delta one will be cheaper.

It is also possible to purchase the same item at a lower price, especially if it’s on sale. Lastly, consider the value of the product. If you’re in a hurry to make a purchase, you should look for a discount or sale.

Another important factor to consider when comparing a Ridgid vs. Delta table saws have different throat plates. While ZCI is better for making basic cuts, it doesn’t offer as much flexibility.

The standard throat plate is more useful for occasional use or when a cut needs to have a clean edge. You’ll find ZCI much easier to use, however, if you’re a professional you should purchase one with a ZCI throat plate.

Another feature of a Ridgid table saw is the inclusion of a dust port. It prevents small pieces of wood from falling below the table while working, reducing chip-out.

Nevertheless, this type of throat plate is difficult to install, as the adjustment screws only allow 3/16″ of space. For this reason, some people choose to use a Leecraft table saw insert.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the main differences between Delta and Ridgid table saws?

The main differences between Delta and Ridgid table saws are the size, weight, and power. Delta table saws are larger and heavier than Ridgid table saws. Delta table saws also have more powerful motors than Ridgid table saws.

2. Which type of table saw is better for cutting large pieces of wood?

Delta table saws are better for cutting large pieces of wood because they are larger and have more powerful motors.

3. Which type of table saw is better for portability?

Ridgid table saws are better for portability because they are smaller and lighter.

4. Which type of table saw is better for precision cutting?

Delta table saws are better for precision cutting because they have larger tables and more powerful motors.

Last Thoughts

There is a lot of debate about which brand of table saw is better, but it seems that Delta is the clear winner. Their saws are more powerful and have better features than Ridgid saws. Plus, Delta has a better reputation for customer service.

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