marine caulking vs silicone

Marine Caulking Vs Silicone: What’s The Difference?

If you’ve ever wondered how to seal a boat, you might want to know the difference between Marine Caulking and Silicone. Both are water-resistant, but there are differences between them, including the way they adhere to surfaces. While all silicones adhere to surfaces, some have better adhesion than others. In testing, 3Ms Marine Silicone proved … Read More

difference between caulking and fullering

The Difference Between Caulking And Fullering

There are a few key differences between caulking and fullering. While both are useful, each requires a specific set of tools and applications. This article will cover the tools and applications necessary to achieve a proper fit between the two. It will also discuss the process and procedures for both. In addition, you’ll learn how … Read More

Smooth Wall vs Corrugated Chimney Liner

Smooth Wall vs Corrugated Chimney Liner

When installing a new chimney liner, you must consider several factors to get the best product for your chimney. In this article, you will learn about different types of chimney liners and their pros and cons. You will also learn about cost, materials, and installation. Read on to find out more! Whether your chimney has … Read More

lining paper vs skimming

Lining Paper Vs. Skimming: What’s The Difference?

Let’s look at the differences between skim coat and lining paper, light body drywall compound, and paste for the walls. We will also discuss how to reduce “flashing” with skim coat. You may be wondering which method to use. To answer that question, read on. Then you can decide if one of them will work … Read More